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From the desk of Martin Mindling

September 27, 2005

To: Whom It May Concern:

Re: Reference on Andrew H. Parkin, Global Marketing Enterprises, Inc.

I am delighted to provide a personal recommendation for Andrew Parkin.

Andrew has provided consulting help and assistance to me and others in three corporate situations where I have had firsthand experience with him: First, at CarMax, later at Asbury Automotive and finally at Lithia Motors, Inc.

Andrew was instrumental in locating dealerships and later selling several dealerships for CarMax, when that company made the strategic decision to exit the new car business. I was Director of Acquisitions at CarMax for seven years and worked with Andrew directly during that time.

At Asbury, while I was President and CEO of Asbury’s Southern California platform, Andrew helped me in initiating and closing the acquisition of three dealerships, including Nelson Honda and Dodge in El Monte. These were all very difficult transactions and Andrew added essential value, without which the deals would not have closed.

At Lithia, where I am Director of Special Projects, Andrew continues to locate and negotiate attractive deals for Lithia’s investment purposes. I have always found Andrew to be well-informed, thoughtful and very valuable to the deal making process. He initiates and closes business better than anyone else in the field, in my experience. His knowledge of franchises and dealer matters is unmatched and he develops superior personal rapport with dealers.

Please contact me directly with any questions concerning Andrew Parkin.

Very Sincerely,
Martin Mindling

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